Competitive sports

You are a professional or amateur athlete, a club or an association? Make your training even more efficient! Use Lympik, our innovative system, for skiing, mountain-biking, soccer and various other sports.

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Leasure time

You are an operator of a leisure facility or a sports venue? Amazing adventures live and on social media. Link unique experiences with effective and customized marketing. We create new and modern perspectives for you!

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You are in charge for a school or build playgrounds? Offer your students and kids that certain something at games, more fun and highlights with Lympik.

Easy and interactive games to improve skill and exercise can be held as virtual competitions across different locations and regions.

Digitalise now

Live results

All results are personalized and delivered to the mobile devices in real time and any location.

Analyse performance

Detailed analysis can be retrieved from our web platform at any time.

Compare and share

You can compare your evaluations with others and share them on social media.

You can actually increase the fun-factor in your sports- and leisure-activities.

Just imagine, it could be easy to compare yourself with colleagues, friends and family. Imagine, that results from motion sensors, video, time- and speed measurements could be available immediately, live on your phone, tablet or computer!

Lympik does exactly that!
Share your most extraordinary results and memories with Lympik!