The Lympik-system can be used in three key application areas:

Competitive Sports

You are a professional or amateur athlete, a club or an association and in need of a time measurement to make your everyday life less strenuous and more efficient? The possibility to not only measure time, but speed as well, and the opportunity to compare yourself with others in real time, as well as the documentation of track details and training history will electrify you. Our system has numerous application areas, starting at skiing and swimming, up to mountain-biking and many, many more.

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Leisure time

You are an operator of a leisure facility or sports venue? Inspire your customers and offer them a new, more exciting experience. With our Lympik solution you will not only bring customer-satisfaction to a new level, but also increase customer-loyalty on a long-term basis!

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You are in charge for a school or build playgrounds? Offer your students and children the possibility to grow side by side with digitalization with the help of our platform and to view digitalization as an opportunity to do more sports. Virtual Olympics across different locations and regions or interactive games for movement-learning are but two of numerous possibilities.

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