Outdoor Games

Lympik analyzes your multi-sporting event for schools, companies and sport clubs and is individually adaptable. Virtual Olympics from paper-chases to car races, from summer camps to company events. All these activities and more can be easily organized. Additionally, these competitions can also be held beyond country borders at different places at the same time and can be compared immediately. Also, Lympik’s surface is very user-friendly through the automatic recognition of every athlete, as well as the classification of the results. Our system supports speed- ,as well as time-measurement and video recording.

Virtual Comparative battles

Use Lympik’s system to bring in a new breeze into school sports. Both, permanently mounted, for example for 60m running, as well as variable and easy to install, wherever time- or speed-measurements are an interesting factor for students and teachers.

Would you like to face new challenges with your colleagues? Or get to know your company partners from a new perspective?

Carry out an interdisciplinary sports competition. Everyone will be motivated to get together, go out into nature and recharge joy and energy while, at the same time, contributing to their health and fitness.

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