Leisure facilities


Invigorate your facility with the Lympik-tracks! Summer, or winter, no matter when! With our products, you can easily motivate your customers to do more sports. What’s best? As our products are developed to be flexible in nature, you can use the same devices for every usage thinkable.


With our products you can easily and fast implement all tracks stated below. Operating a ski-track in winter and a mountain-bike-track in summer? No problem! We offer you all sensors you need so you can easily adjust your tracks according to the season. Additionally, you can easily respond to new trends as well. Within a very short time, your tracks will be mounted or modified and ready to use. Your customers will be thrilled by the versatility of experiences possible on your facility.


Combining sports and technology? Easily done with Lympik. Our state of the art IoT technology combined with the innovative use of GPS will benefit you directly. Our system is completely automized and largely maintenance-free. You can access statistics concerning your customers, the usage-frequency or the device status anytime and everywhere.


One of the biggest trends concerning entertainment nowadays is gamification. This can be easily realized for you and your facility with our system. Diverse tracks or checkpoints, skill games and numerous other possibilities can be equipped with a reward system that upgrade your customer’s profiles. Hence, your guests will be motivated to come again and again which ensures customer-loyalty for your facility.


You would like to know more about your target group? How often do your visitors use your tracks? How much time is there between the visits? Which track is especially attractive? Information like this is valuable and can be made available to you (of course with a declaration of consent from your customers) in the framework of cooperation. Hence you will learn to know your customers better and optimally control your marketing measures.