The Lympik main transmitting unit  CHRONOS transmits the information from all the various sensors and triggers via mobile data network. For different sports and fields of applications, light gates, manual triggers via switches, triggers via starting gates, pressure mats, over-drive sensors and light barriers are available.

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Our RFID antenna AION enables measurements based on a timing transponder which can be used for time measurements and track inspections for sports events.

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Light gate

Reflection lightgate with reflector and support post or tripods. Scope of up tp 10m, power supply via CHRONOSNo charging necessary!

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Startinggate with maximum flexibility of regulation and adjustment.

IP67 with  automatic bar-return.

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Drive-over sensor

Our drive-over sensors can be used as start- or finish-triggers.
When driving over the sensor, there will be a signal through closing the switch contact. The maximal switching length is 50m.

Surface trigger

The surface trigger is highly reliable, both inside, and outside. It also does not matter in what angle the 2D-LiDAR-sensor by SICK is attached.

Reflection light grid

Reflection light grids from 70 cm to 180 cm height and up to 700 cm width with a stand, battery and charger. IP65 optionally available also with IP67.

Pressure mat

Pressure-sensitive mats are very reliable. The mat is welded all around which prevents liquid to enter.



RFID wristbands can be used for example for running, swimming, skiing, horseback riding and many more.


RFID stickers, that can be attached to your equipment, such as skis, bikes and helmets are also available.


RFID pendants to easily label and match the different items.