Digitalization as integral element of gym classes? Possible with Lympik!

Use the Lympik system to breathe new life into school-sports. Your multi-sports event can be individually customized, measured and upgraded. Permanently installed tracks, such as 60m-runs, as well as variable and easily mounted tracks can be made available to you. No matter where and when you want to make a competition more interesting to your students, using time- or speed-measurement, we can make it happen!

Virtual Olympics

Another significant advantage is the possibility to create virtual competitions directly on our platform. The so called virtual Olympics make it possible for schools to compete with one another, even tough they never meet in person. This also facilitates cross-regional competitions. Simply create an event on our platform and add the competing students. Now, all you have to do is let the students compete. Our system records the performances through the identification at the start and reads them into our platform in real time. At the end of every competition an automatically generated end-result is visible and the winner will be determined as well, without a teacher having to think about setting up an analysis. This feature creates a cooperative thought that reaches across borders and motivates children and students to do more sports.