Competitive sports

Ski Alpin

Digitalization meets skiing! Live-results with one thousand of a second precision directly on your smartphone. Time- and speed-measurements with personalized results for skiers and snowboarders. Any number of training- and event-information including precise track-details can be created, saved and retrieved at any time.

Lympik SKI offers you :

  • Fast and easy mounting
  • In-depth track details (number of gates, altitude-difference,…)
  • As many split-times as wished
  • Reference times

Ski testing

Verwaltung von Ski- und Waxinformationen in Kombination mit Schnee-, Temperatur- und Wetterdaten. Die Analyse der besten Wax/Ski Kombination ist sofort verfügbar. Durch Machine-Learning werden die Vorschläge immer genauer, je öfter das System genutzt wird.

  • Weather-data
  • Snow-information
  • Ski-management
  • Wax-management
  • Intelligent prediction
  • Reference time
  • Deviation correction
Coming soon


Personalized timekeeping for swimming! With Lympik SWIM you will have possibilities that have never been here before. Record your personalized raining-achievements in real time, directly from the pool edge without you having to do anything! Our devices are IP67 certified and guarantee an easy and direct transfer of the data to your smartphone. Get out of the pool, dry off and don’t bother with the training-feedback – it’s already on your phone ready to be looked at!

Lympik SWIM offers you the following advantages:

  • Waterproof timekeeping
  • Precise and automized performance-measurement
  • Personalized results
  • Detailled documentation